The brilliance of discovery

Sirigen Inc.


Bringing brilliance to discovery. Sirigen’s name has its roots in the star Sirius, the brightest in the night sky, and the word genesis.

Harnessing the power of novel light-harvesting polymeric materials, Sirigen’s amplification technology offers High Sensitivity Fluorescence™ (HSF™) detection to the Diagnostic and Life Science marketplaces.

Sirigen’s versatile and HSF™ technology simplifies sample processing and instrumentation requirements in both immunodiagnostic and nucleic acid based applications, and facilitates high volume screening in theradiagnostics and other personal care applications.

Sirigen’s platform agnostic, enabling technology represents a quantum leap in detection capabilities, amplifying the sensitivity of a wide range of existing instrumentation and detection platforms by up to 100 fold. Sirigen’s technology is applicable to a diverse cross section of the biomedical industry including the $6billion drug discovery industry which can use Sirigen to test the efficacy of new drugs, the $12billion life sciences industry which can use Sirigen to develop new detection platforms, and the $35billion diagnostics industry, which can work with Sirigen to optimize existing diagnostic techniques and to develop the next generation of diagnostic tools. Indeed the potential to deliver real time testing on miniaturized monitoring devices is close to reality.