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Sirigen Inc.

Molecular diagnostics

Molecular diagnostics

Sirigen’s HSF™ polymers are compatible with a range of molecular diagnostics including FISH, PCR and isothermal amplification techniques.

We are developing Brilliant Azure 480™, a high performance reporter compatible with the filters commonly used for SpectrumAqua™ in FISH experiments.

FISH probes incorporating Sirigen polymers have been demonstrated to retain full target specificity under standard protocols.

Further, Sirigen have produced hybridization probes as used in qPCR and isothermal nucleic acid amplifications and demonstrated superior signal and signal to noise performance. Compatibility with industry standard quenchers and FRET acceptors has also been demonstrated.

The brightness of Sirigen’s materials particularly commends them to near patient molecular testing as they offer the potential to reduce the burden on hardware to deliver sensitivity. In fact we have been able to demonstrate rapid, specific pathogen amplification, detection and quantification on a simple hand held battery powered device.


SpectrumAqua™ is a trademark of Abbott Molecular.